A good leader is a good follower

Jer 52


All of us who are extrovert and has ambitions will mostly want to come out one day, to hold a position of leadership, whether it was at work, politics business or even ministry. It may come as a suprise to most of the people, but the best leaders are usually are 8the best followers also. When we grow as a leader, it is obvious that we can’t do it all alone, no leader is an island, we need to have followers and also mentors, someone who can oversee us in case we did something wrong or our action goes out of rail.
Zedekiah seems to be an ambitious man himself. Jeremiah had told him many times that it is the destiny of Judah to be captured by Babylon and the best action that Zedekiah could take is to surrender to Nebuchadnezzar and follow his leadership. I don’t know whether Zedekiah is stupid (I don’t think you can be stupid and king as well) but I believe that it was more of the pride of Zedekiah that led him to rebel against Nebuchadnezzar. I do think that Zedekiah knew that Jeremiah is a true prophet and all his prophecy has come true but maybe there was a sense of pride that led him to not want to subordinate under Nebuchadnezzar, even if he understood that it was God’s will for him to do so.

For us who want to become leader (even great leader) someday, this is a lesson that we must not taken lightly: sometimes in order for us to move forward in live, we need to bow down to those leaders, and not of them are great leaders that we fancy of. Sometimes God put us under Saul to built our characters so that we undertand how to treat our followers when we are put in a position of leadership. Most important of all, always put ourselves under the leadership of Lord Jesus thru His Holy Spirit in our lives, who will direct us to fulfil our destiny. Bless be the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Halelujah, Amen!