Leadership is influence


Dan 5

A person’s leadership is not determined entirely by his/her position but more of their influence. You don’t establish influence just in one day, you need to establish rapport over a period of time and that’s what differentiate Daniel and Belshazzar.

Belshazzar inherited the kingdom from his father, Nebuchadnezzar whom is full of pride but ultimately humbled by God of Israel thru various processes in his life. Belshazzar, obviously knew about his father life story (Dan 5:22-23) but didn’t learn from his father mistakes. Not only did he show no respect to God of Israel, Belshazzar even used the gold and silver vessels from the temple of Jerusalem for idol worships. There is no wonder that God’s wrath was incurred upon his life.

As the law of E. F. Hutton states when real leader speaks, people listen. When Belshazzar was in fear, he seeks the counsel of Daniel, the real leader who has real influence. Daniel was able to tell Belshazzar what actually happened and Daniel’s prophecy came true. That night, Belshazzar was killed and his kingdom was split. Belshazzar met his doom for ignoring what is necessary but Daniel influence remained even until the reign of Darius the Medes.

The question now is, what causes Daniel’s infuence remained intact, though the leadership kept on changing in his life (Daniel maintained high position in the reign of 3 consecutive kings: Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar and Darius)?
There are 10 traits in Daniel’s life:
1. Relationships – People listen to us because of who we know
Daniel had a reputation for knowing the God of Israel
2. Sacrifice – People listen to us because of what we have suffered.
Daniel gave up his right to eat the king’s food
3. Character – People listen to us because of our integrity
Daniel remained blameless and trustworthy even when he had to rebuke kings
4. Relevance – People listen to us because we identify with their needs
Daniel lived with the Babylonians and identified with their struggles and lifestyle
5. Insight – People listen to us because of what we know
Daniel could interpret dreams and visions that confused everyone else.
6. Vulnerability – People listen to us because we are genuinely transparent
Daniel’s life was an open book
7. Experience – People listen to us because we are genuinely transparent
Daniel’s credibility came from years of living well
8. Humility – People listen to us because we incarnate meekness
Daniel served and submitted to authorities, unless they broke a higher law.
9. Competence – People listen to us because of our abilities and expertise.
Daniel did many things better than anyone else
10. Courage – People listen to us because we demonstrate conviction
Daniel was no one puppet and showed he would die for his conviction

If we determine to fulfil God’s destiny upon our life, we need to influence others and become real leaders. People will listen to what we say when they see our traits like Daniel was looked upon in his time. Try to develop the 10 traits one step and a time and continue to be transformed daily by Word of God and Holy Spirit so that we can become real leaders to glorify Name of God.

Blessed be the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Halelujah, Amin!


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