Great Leaders are Great Communicators


Joel 1-2

Leaders must know how to communicate effectively. Without proper and effective communication, great organization will not operate on its maximum capacity and achieve its potential. Leaders need to be able to communicate one-on-one, small group as well as to a large crowd.

In the old testament, we have prophet Joel who was able not only to communicate effectively but also efficiently to people in Judah especially in Jerusalem. The message of prophet Joel is simple: repent from spiritual apathy or prepare yourself for impending doom. In addition to that, Joel not only determine the problem to his target audience but also provide solution for the problem.

How many leaders in organization, regardless in government, non-profit and profit, who don’t communicate effectively. They often are good in identifying the problem but unable to come up with the solution. Even if they come up with the solution, some leaders are unable to communicate the solution to the organization that he or she is leading, thus the organization is unable to execute the solution provided by the leader. No wonders we can see that in corporate world, great leaders are paid top dollars, those who were able to communicate his vision and bring changes positively to the organization that they are leading.

Let us as part of the body of Christ learn to communicate effectively with one another. Try to eliminate barriers to communicate and unite together as an organization. Only with effective communication, can organization unite and achieve its maximum potential to reach God-given goals and breakthrough.

Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Halelujah, Amen


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