Will Trump ‘Make America Great Again’?


Amos 1-3

When Donald J Trump announced his candidancy  for President of United States on 16 June 2015, many people (including me) didn’t predict that he will go far in his campaign. Most people will think that Donald was just another hopeful candidate who will probably gain little, unsignificant amount of votes or delegates required for him to really be considered a potential candidate for presidency. Then, Trump started his campaign with many radical, some of them controversial issues that has been avoided by many mainstream politicians. He brought on common issues such as jobs, equal gender rights, healthcare but also controversial issues such as immigration, Mexican borders, Islam, etc. Unpredictably, Trump’s campaign began to gather significant amount of voters among the Republican delegates beating famous figures (who were expected to perform better) including Jeb Bush (son of George Bush Sr. and brother of George W. Bush Jr., former US President) and Ted Cruz (US Senator from Texas). So if things continue as it is, Trump will likely go head to head with Hillary Clinton in the election and may possibly become the next President of United States, which hopefully ‘Make America Great Again’.

Before we go further, I would like to make a disclaimer that I am not a supporter of Donald J Trump or endorsing him in any way. I am just curious and marveled on his campaign strategy which is controversial but proven to be successful.

The question is, why is Trump’s campaign so succeessful? I believe that one of the reason is because he dares to voice out many issues that were usually avoided or considered as taboo by many mainstream politicians. In other words, Trump is anti-mainstream, new-breed kind of politician who dares to speak out (and most people hopes to also deliver on his words). Many American people are tired of current condition and they just don’t buy on the campaign voiced out by conservatives or mainstream candidates. They need someone who not only identifies the problems in the country but also speak out about it and hopefully delivers the solution.

Few thousand years ago, there was a prophet who has such anti-mainstream character like Trump but less controversial. His name is Amos, a shepherd in the dessert of Judah, who was called to be a prophet by God. Amos was no nonsense prophet with no-holds barred. When he was asked to speak out against the surrounding nations of Judah, he did so with great conviction, pointing out judgment and the cause of it to nations such as Syria, Gaza, Tyre, Edom, Ammon and Moab. Then, Amos did the same when he was told to pronounce judgment on Judah and Israel. Amos didn’t hold a double standard when he was pointing out the judgment to his nation compared to other nation. He bloted out what is neccesary and required of him by God

As a believer, our destiny in Christ is to be head and not the tail, to hold a certain leadership position wherever God positioned us whether in marketplace or family. We need to speakout when it is required of us even when it means to be anti-mainstream. It is not important to be politically correct but we are required to be theologically correct. Do what we think Christ will do if He is in our position. If we succumb to our fear of not fitting in, then most probably, we will be accepted by our peers but possibly not achieving our destiny in God. This doesn’t mean that we act out of love and compassion but what it means is that we do what we need to do by God even when it is hard to do so. God will enable us with powers from above to let us move according to His will, so that His destiny in us will be accomplished and bring glory to His name.

Blessed be the name of The Lord Jesus Christ, Halelujah, Amen.


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