Pray Until Something Happen


Amos 7:1-6

King David was at the peak of his career successfully uniting Northern Tribe of Israel with Judah and Benjamin. David has proven himself to be a great leader, conquering many surrounding nations and making other nations tributary to his kingdom. The king also managed to ease internal coup repeatedly which almost toppled him from his leadership position. Satan then saw a loophole and took this opportunity.

Satan arouse the desire in the mighty king to order a census of his people, something that is considered sin in the Torah. Despite objection from his general Joab, David continued with his order and so the census began. The Lord was angered by David action and David realised this as his heart condemned him after he numbered the people. The Lord then asked David to choose between three curses and David chose to fall in the hand of the Lord. While the judgment was passed, David continued to pray for his people, admitting his guilt and foolishness to God and the Lord finally offered David His solution; David was to built an altar to the Lord on the thresing floor of Araunah the Jebusite. David did so, and the plague was stopped.

How many times do we underestimate the power of prayers, even those who minister in the house of the Lord. Prayer has become an event or program for us that we have truly lost the essence of prayer. Prayer is simply communicating with God, putting our trust in Him on things that are beyond our control. Great leaders are great prayer. They realise they are very limited thus they invest their times in to connect to the unlimited being, which is God and put on all their burden before Him.

Amos obviously realised the power of prayer and he practised it in Amos 7:1-6 when he knew that judgment will soon be passed on Israel people for their sin. Amos also understand that real action still need to be taken, God don’t just answer prayers with magic wand, most of the time God do it through people’s action. Amos prayer was finally answered by God in the last chapter of Amos with the hopeful vision of Israel future.

What about us? Do we realise the power of prayer? Do we still connect with God in our daily ‘quiet time’ or do we think of it as a boring routine? When the goings the tough do we still hope in His deliverance or do we only depend on our own strength? Nevertheless real action still need to be taken, but it sure feel different when action is combined with prayer!!

Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you -St. Augustine-

Glory be unto the Lord Jesus Christ who deserve all the honour and worship!


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