No Perfect People Allowed


Jonah 1

This slogan is used by THE ROCKS, a church in Perth, Western Australia which pastored by Ps. Daniel Indradjaja, where I am priveleged to become its member during my stay in Perth. As written in their website:

Thus, it is clear that no one is perfect enough before God because we will always little cracks here and there, no matter how much spiritual or moral make-up we put upon ourselves. On the other hand, no one is too messed-up that they can’t be accepted before God and being used by Him.

We found many such example in the Bible where we see Moses, the reluctant leader who was told by God to free His people from the slavery in Egypt. Moses instead proposed Aaron his brother to God mainly due to his (assumed) inability to speak in the public. Moses end up to be one of the greatest leader Israel ever seen and managed to fulfil his duty as Israel’s deliverer from Egypt. Gideon also look down on himself whereby he questioned the decision of Angel of God who tasked him on the duty of freeing his people from the bondage of the Midianites. Gideon required few tests to be performed by God before he agreed to lead the army. Gideon and his 300 become the legend that people still speak of until now.

We can be really glad when we read the story of Jonah because he is the real example that God can use even the mostly unqualified leader to perform His mission. Jonah was asked to perform a simple mission, proclaim to the people of Niniveh that God’s judgment is coming upon them unless they repent. Jonah refused to comply and instead of arguing, he chose to run away from his calling. You know that you know that you can’t run away from God’s calling and the same thing happened to Jonah. God send a great wind into the sea and the ship that Jonah was in was almost destroyed. A great fish swallowed up Jonah and he was in the belly for 3 days and 3 nights. Jonah finally repent and agreed to do the task God given him and give the shortest and most effective sermon ever given and the people of Niniveh repented.

When we look at ourselves, we can make two mistakes, we saw ourselves as over-qualified or under-qualified. The truth is that we are qualified enough to do the mission that God requires us to do, He will enable us to complete his mission with enough skills/abilities, manpower and other resouces necessary for His goals to be accomplished. Always chose to be humble before God but at the same time never allow others or situations to make you feel incapable of performing God’s mission in your life. God never uses perfect people but He uses imperfect people like you and me that are willing to be perfected to do His will.

Blessed be the name of the Lord, Halelujah, Amin



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