Is happily ever after for real?


Nahum 3:18-19

We have heard many fairy tales ended with “and they live happily ever after” especially in bedtime stories such as Snow White and Cinderella. Unfortunately, real life is not fairytale. There is no such thing as ‘happily ever after’ either in family, business, even in bigger scope such as government and politic. There need to be ongoing improvement, correction/changes required as well as grooming future generation to take on the baton to even just achieve the status quo. Those leaders who fail to plan, they fail to plan. We’ve seen many situation in even most advanced countries who faced degradation after degradation such as ancient kingdom of Babel (now Iraq), ancient kingdom of Persia and Media (now Iran), ancient kingdom of Greece, ancient kingdom of Egypt whereby hardly any trace of their past glories are hardly noticeable now.

In Nahum 3:18-19, we learn why nation such as Niniveh fails before God. The former king of Assyria who repented during prophet Jonah’s fails to reproduce other leaders who can shepherd his people and preserve the moral standard that has been set by him during the time of repentance. Thus the people of Assyria were scattered like sheep without a shepherd.

Our abilities to influence is limited by our abilities to lead and reproduce other leaders. We can minister certain limited amount of people with limited amount of time. Therefore great leaders don’t spend but invest their time in other leaders. We can see this in action especially during Jesus ministry on earth. Jesus didn’t come to earth and just perform miracle ministry city after city. He didn’t just go around land of Judea to preach sermon after sermon. Jesus also focused on raising up leaders. Book of Acts recorded there were 120 leaders whom Jesus groomed (to continue his ministry on earth) waiting for the outpouring of Holy Spirit. Among these 120 leaders, there were 12 apostles who spread the gospels to the end of the earth and turned the world upside down with Gospel of Kingdom of God. Jesus spend 3 years in His ministry and His influence is still felt until now 2000 years aftee His death. That’s why Jesus is called King of Kings, the Mighty One!

Let us improve our leadership abilities time and time again and build others to continue our legacy here on earth. After we pass away, it doesn’t matter how much wealth or succes we acquired but ehat matters is do we leave any legacies especially those who bring glory to the Kingdom of God. Learn to lead as Jesus lead.

Glory to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.


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