Shut Up and Listen!


Hab 1

Florence Littauer, author of bestselling book – Personality Plus, discussed about types of personality of human in her book: Choleric (Dominant), Melancholy (Observant), Sanguine (Intimate) and Phlegmatic (Stable). Out of these four personality types, Choleric and Sanguine are considered to be extrovert while Melancholy and Phlegmatic are introvert. There are merits and demerits of every personality types and each personality type can grow and become great leader. While the extrovert has the advantages of being outspoken and able to express and communicate their ideas and beliefs, sometimes they fail in the area of listening.

Habakkuk wrote in his book the importance of leaders to be good listeners. In the first 4 verses of his book, the prophet cries out for God to answer his questions. He begs God to respond to the injustice, the violence and the perversion of his nation, Judah. When God finally respond, He give a distateful answer to Habakkuk, He will use Babylonians, a nation more unjust than Judah to punish her and to correct injustice among Jews. Although this doesn’t make sense to Habakkuk, he continued to listen to God and finally understand that leaders earn their right to speak by listening. Habakkuk finally understand the reason why God did what He was going to do.

We as a leader, need to learn to listen before we speak, so that we can earn our right to be heard. Leaders who refuse to listen will over time lose their influence among their followers. By listening, leaders gain so much more than privilege to speak
1. They gain insight about people
2. They connect with the speaker
3. They earn their right to speak
4. They become relevant
5. They understand the key to speaker’s heart
6. They identify
7. They gain authority
8. They learn.

God gave every one of us one mouth and two ears not by accident, He wants us to listen more than to speak. Remember: When you speak, nothing you say will teach you anything. Only when you listen – to God and to others – will you gain understanding.

Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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