Transformed From The Inside Out


Zeph 2:1-3

Recently we have heard many news about celebrity scandals in Indonesia: female celebrities involved in high class prostitution; other well-known celebrities got caught consuming drugs, divorce and adultery has become a common norm among this group of people. In politics, it isn’t better too, many politicians has been convicted for corruption by Anti Corruption Commitee (KPK). Money politic has spread rapidly among Indonesian official that the phrase ‘Cash is King’ has become the unofficial Golden Law in Indonesia. This nation needs a wake-up call urgently if we want to grow and become well-respected country and qualify to become a blessing to other nations!

Zephaniah is a prophet who was ready to step put of his comfort zone to get results. Some scholars have stated that Zephaniah had royal blood coursed through his veins giving him direct access to the king. As such, he could have enjoyed his favored position and live well enough alone. But Zephaniah refused to stand still. He wouldn’t allow his power and position to water down his convictions. Instead, he leveraged his influence with King Josiah to create needed civil and religious reforms. The prophet intuitively knows what needs to happen to change the people of Judah. Even with the external reforms in worship the king Josiah initiated, Zephaniah knew more changes were required. He knew change begins with the heart. Transformation happens from the inside out.

That’s why I love our current Governor of Jakarta, Mr. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama who initiated reform in the bureaucratic Government of Jakarta Province. He know that changes need to be done inside out and that’s why he spend years after continuing from former Governor of Jakarta, President Joko Widodo to first transform the mindset and culture of the Civil Servant of Jakarta Government before making the vast changes required to transform the capital. Although this is still an ongoing process, the citizen of Jakarta (including me) can feel the (positive) change that is happening in the Government of Jakarta Province which in turn change Jakarta to becom a better city and province to become a model for other provinces in Indonesia.

Let’s not get complacent with ourselves and always be ready for correction when it comes. Change from inside out to become a better person. When we as individual change for the better -> our family -> our community -> our city -> our country -> the world change for the better.

Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!


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