Zeph 3:8-20

Real Madrid will soon play Atletico Madrid on 29th May 2016 for 2015-16 European Champions League Final. This is an interesting match because it also serves as a rematch between the two sides in the same event two years ago whereby Real Madrid won and get their ‘La Decima’, a very remarkable event in the club history. What makes it more appealing to watch is this time Real Madrid is led by a new coach, Zinedine Zidane who is an outstanding figure in the world of football, winning many awards for the club he was playing in and also many individuals honours for himself. It is hard to forget how astoundingly Zidane led France, an underdog in 1998 World Cup to beat Brazil 3-1 during the Final and won the World Cup. He continued on to lead France to win 2000 Euro Cup beating Italia by 2-1. His captaincy in the club level was also undoubtedly superb, winning many league title in all club he was played in: Bordeaux, Juventus and Real Madrid. However, Zidane is yet to prove his coaching skill, by beating Atletico Madrid and win the 11th Champions League title for Real Madrid. If he managed to do it then he is going to be what Barney Stinson always quote in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ sitcom: “Legendary!”

Zephaniah pointed to us that it is not enough for leaders to confront on the issues and addressing the problems at hand. Leaders are also required to provide solution and navigate his followers through. In Zeph 3:8-20, he as also other Old Testament prophets closed his writings with words of hope. Zephaniah even offers a plan for repentance and invites the people to walk in it. He navigates the path for the rebellious nation back to God.

There are many commentators, complainers and also critics in the world today. They are great at finding the problems but do little if any in giving out the solution. It is fun to be them but unfortunately you don’t get paid much being one. The world needs more leaders to provide solution and navigate others through. In fact, providing solutions to current problems is the fastest way to gain influence and credibilty as a leader. Joseph did it and become prime minister in Egypt, Daniel did it and become top officials for 3 different kings, Bill Gates did it with Microsoft and become the richest man in the world, Jesus did it and become the Savior of The World! Stop complaining and start becoming part of the solution!

To God be all the glory and honors!


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