Haggai 1:3-9

It is easy for leaders to focus on things that are urgent rather than those that are important. This is what happened when the returning Hebrew under the Persian reign of Cyrus returned to Israel in order to rebuild the Jerusalem temple. Upon their arrival, they laid the foundation for the sanctuary and the work began but soon hostile neighbors tried to stop the work. Slowly, the building project ground to a halt. However, opposition accounted for only part of the problem. An inward enemy called “indifference” posed the major threat.

Most of the workers become apathetic, even though the rebuilding project supplied the very reason for their return to Jerusalem. Before long, many began constructing their own homes and businesses and all but lost the divine vision for their presence in Zion.

Leadership means you lose your right to be selfish. It took a leader like Haggai to call them back to their purpose. Haggai 1:3-9 outlines what happened when they abandoned their highest priority:
1. They failed to consider how their actions contradicted their faith
2. They worked hard but saw few results
3. They spent much but received little in return
4. They felt dissatisfied in their production.

When leaders and people fail to maintain proper priorities, disappointment always results. Remember the 80/20 Principle: With the right priorities, 20% of your effort will get you 80% of the desired results. But with the wrong priorities, 80% of your effort will get you 20% of your desired results. Check your calendars and learn to prioritize the important, not the immediate. It is not about working harder, but smarter!

Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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