Zech 2:3-13

Many people despise Hitler because of his cruelty against Jewish people (including me) which is intolerable by any standard. Despite being a controversial figure, we can’t overlook his tremendous leadership ability which enable him to lead all of Germany as one nation driven to achieve one specific purpose which is to rule to world and in the process annihilating the race that Hitler hate the most, Jewish people. Hitler was also known as a great communicator, he used many sound effect and motion graphics in his speech to connect to his people. He understood that his vision need to be communicated and felt by his people so that they can move together toward the vision.

In Zechariah 2:3-13 through a vision, Zechariah tries to encourage the people concerning their future. God plans to gather them again and expand their population.
God promises to bless His people in the following areas:
1. More people (v. 4)
2. More livestock (v. 4)
3  Divine protection (v. 5)
4. Deliverance from enemies (v. 9)
5. Conversions of other ethnic groups (v. 11)
6. The return of favor of God in His people (v. 12)
Leaders know that encouragement is the oxygen of the soul.
Notice that Zechariah’s encouragement was:
1. Specific
2. Personal
3. Public
4. Detailed
5. Hopeful
6. Sincere
7. Centered around results only God could pull off.
Leaders who encourage always draw more from their people than those who don’t.

If we want to achieve God’s purpose in our life, we need to learn to become a great communicator to be able to encourage others to achieve God’s vision in their lives. If a self-centered leader with a great communication ability such as Hitler could achieve so much, imagine what a God annointed leaders could achieve (much more) with God!! Encourage others and let the Kingdom of God expanded through our and their lives.

Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ


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