Hi guys and gals, auntie and uncle, my name is Erwin, I am really glad that you visit (or maybe stumbled upon) my website. I am an expressive person and this website is the media for me to express myself (hopefully in a good way) of the thoughts, ideas or medias tt I hope can be useful and beneficial for others.

Depending on my schedule, I will post between 2-5 blogs every week talking mainly about leadership, prayers, characters and self-improvement mainly sourced from the Internet and Bible. I am a born-again Christian, receiving Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour in 2002, which was the best decision I ever made and set the strong foundation in my life. Thus, you may notice that in every blog that I posted I would give honour to my God in the end of my writing because I believe that He is the one who enable me to do what I do until today. [Faith is a personal thing and being Christian is my personal conviction but I still give respect to other religions, so no offence guys].

I also write mainly in English because I believe that English is still currently (year 2016) the most widely used and understood language in our planet though I did blog using Bahasa Indonesia and hopefully along with improvement in my Mandarin writing skill, I will blog using Mandarin, someday in the future

I also hope that this website can become a legacy for generation after me whereby they can get a grasp of my thinking and used it for their own good. I am blessed with my small family (year 2016) which consists of my wife, Lisa and our twinnies, James and Lydia. Lisa falls head over heels towards me after our first meeting and she kept on chasing me; and being the good guy as I always am, I gave in and decided to become her boyfriend and later on her husband and we finally got married in 2009. (Btw, this is my version of story, if you want the full detail, you need to Lisa 😀 ).

So, I wish you have a great time browsing to my website. Have a great day, God Bless You.

Lim Erwin Hartono


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