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Great Leaders are Great Communicators


Joel 1-2

Leaders must know how to communicate effectively. Without proper and effective communication, great organization will not operate on its maximum capacity and achieve its potential. Leaders need to be able to communicate one-on-one, small group as well as to a large crowd.

In the old testament, we have prophet Joel who was able not only to communicate effectively but also efficiently to people in Judah especially in Jerusalem. The message of prophet Joel is simple: repent from spiritual apathy or prepare yourself for impending doom. In addition to that, Joel not only determine the problem to his target audience but also provide solution for the problem.

How many leaders in organization, regardless in government, non-profit and profit, who don’t communicate effectively. They often are good in identifying the problem but unable to come up with the solution. Even if they come up with the solution, some leaders are unable to communicate the solution to the organization that he or she is leading, thus the organization is unable to execute the solution provided by the leader. No wonders we can see that in corporate world, great leaders are paid top dollars, those who were able to communicate his vision and bring changes positively to the organization that they are leading.

Let us as part of the body of Christ learn to communicate effectively with one another. Try to eliminate barriers to communicate and unite together as an organization. Only with effective communication, can organization unite and achieve its maximum potential to reach God-given goals and breakthrough.

Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Halelujah, Amen

Keep Going


Ecc 9:11

1 year ago, nobody in their right mind will dare to bet Leicester City is gonna be real contender for English Premiere League title. 1 year ago, Leicester has barely survived relegation and struggling to even remain in the Premier League. But today, 11 Apr 2016, The Foxes (nickname for Leicester City FC) is 7 points ahead of their nearest rival, Totenham Hotspur, guaranteed a place in next season European Champions League and 5 matches away (could even be less) to win their 1st ever English Premier League title!!

What really changes in the team? If you take a look at the 2014/15 comparing it with 2015/16 team, there wasn’t much difference except for 1 or 2 players. The key factor that really become the turning point is the sacking of their manager Nigel Pearson to the Italian coach, Claudio Ranieri. Here are some intereting facts about Ranieri. He has long spells in the European Football, coaching teams not only in the primary division but also secondary and tertiary league. Ranieri has had some successes but not really what could have been described as world class success even with first class team like Inter and Chelsea. Then, out of nowhere, Ranieri suddenly took Leicester to become a dominant force in Premier League.

So what really happened? I am not Claudio Ranieri so I don’t really know what happened to him or what changes inside of him. All I know is that Ranieri has been a consistent man doing what he has been doing for decades. Then, as explained by the bible verse in Ecclesiastes 9:11 – time (chronos) and chance (kairos) happeneth to them all; Ranieri’s kairos has come and this year he is gonna experience probably the best coaching year of his life after decades of trying and waiting.

Many people never experience real success in their lives and mostly not because of lack of talent but because of lack of focus and determination. When we study top notch people in every profession, we are looking at people who have been in the industry not on short-run but long-run, those who were in it not for one or two years but decades, some even their whole life. People nowadays want everything to happen fast, they desire instant success. The bad news is no great success comes instantly but they requires process, going thru ups-and-downs and personal growth among other things.

Follow our passion, do what we love and good at. Stay for the long run and keep on improving ourselves. Don’t quit when the goings get tough. When ur kairos has come, God will take you to experience new heights and successes.

1 Corinthians 2:9 – But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Halelujah, Amin!

Holding Onto Your Values


Dan 6

Daniel was as always excellent in his work because an excellent spirit was in him. It took no time for Darius to notice this and he purposed to make Daniel his second-in-command over all his kingdom. Success however, brings out fake friends and real enemies. Many people who are jealous of Daniel tried to find his fault and find none except for the fault of the law concerning his God. Thus these governors and satraps tricked King Darius to set a decree that will threaten Daniel concerning his faith.

Knowing the decree has been signed by King Darius, Daniel didn’t hold back from praying to his God (as he always did since early days) and therefore he was held guilty according to the King’s decree. Darius was very troubled regarding this and spent his night sleepless and fasting thinking of ways to save Daniel. The next morning the King went to the lion den and found that God has sent His angel to shut the lion’s mouth and rescued Daniel. Instead the king send the men who has accused Daniel (along with their families) to the lion den and they are immediately consumed and crushed by the lions even to their bones.

We can learn that Daniel didn’t compromise on his value even when the going gets tough. Many people show off their values only when things are easy and tend to compromise when the situation isn’t conducive. Very few people hold on to their values like Daniel, sadly even for those clergyman alike. This world doesn’t need people who are more educated, there are plenty of those who graduate from Ivy League colleges but didn’t amount much. The world doesn’t need more talented people as many talented people with bad values and attitude prove to bring more trouble. The world needs more end-time Daniel, those who has character and integrity, those who stick to their God-given values no matter what.

No matter where you start, God can bring you from a humble start and sit you in presence of kings. You can be as poor as a church mouse but when His promotion comes, you can be as rich as Bill Gates and bring glory to His Kingdom. You can go from nobody to somebody, from zero to hero as long as God’s character is in you. Let Word of God manifest in your life thru the guidance of Holy Spirit.

Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Halelujah, Amin!